Wednesday, February 2, 2011

 (Basic Info.)
IT will NOT help our movement if you become a freelance activist. 
This MUST be done together. 
Please visit the primary websites relating to this issue. 
   (such as
Exchange ideas.  Our only hope is to join resources and intellect.  
You are encouraged to upload videos onto social networks, such as Youtube.  It can have a polarizing effect. 
However, please do not waste too much time leaving comments. Please limit yourself to three comments per day. Our adversaries are trying divert your attention toward the vast wasteland of meaningless debates. 
The Mainstream Media must be forced to address this issue, without bias.
Also, do not promote supremacy or oppression against others. 

Please remain faithful to our cause. This is not merely a Civil Rights issue, It's a Human Rights Movement.

You must get involved into The Movement.    And, here's a checklist of various things which you should be doing right now.   
   Of course, Matters will become more urgent in the future.    But,  immediate action is required.   There's no time to waste. 


1) --Get involved.   
2) --contact your government offices. 
3) --whenever possible; don't act alone. 

           (....such as,,     AND
4b) --don't engage in long arguments on YouTube. Please realize: They're trying to keep you on Youtube, instead of directing your efforts toward more productive methods. In simple terms: You're just wasting your time, in vain.  

5) -write letters to Newspapers.  Pressure them to listen. 

6) -don't quit. 

 7) -demand action.  We cannot remain passive.    

 8)despite everything   ...continue to living your daily routine.    Don't allow this movement to diminish your social life.

 9)   - In Blunt Terms:  SCREW the past 40 years of doctrine. 

Mainstream media has spent four decades teaching European women that it's her duty to lower the world population. Nowadays, that same media uses this excuse to "rejuvenate" their populations with newcomers. (Thus, invalidating the entire pretext). 
 10) -Considering the previous remark; please realize that a vast conspiracy is taking place. (It's the FIRST conspiracy theory I've ever considered). Don't underestimate the severity of our crisis. It may require increased resistance on our part.  

11) -don't become anti-semitic. Although matters are perpetuated by some Zionist, there are many guilty parties as well. Primarily, derived from NeoHippy Ideology.  Most Militant-Statists lurk within our own community.  

12) -**If you're a single male, please get settle down, get married; and start a family within the next 5 years.  
13) -don't marry a foreign woman. They're Leeches, who'll only siphon your bank account. (okay, that's not really concrete information. But, it's still true nonetheless.  

14) -Start dating. Fall in love. Get married to a nice hometown lady. and start a big happy family. Who Cares about the environment anymore?

15)  --(World Population:  Final  Insight)
          ...Remember how many times The Media taught you to "limit your reproductive activity"?    In the 1960's, they told us to Stop Having Babies. 

Yet, The same Journalist suddenly promoted rapid expansion for Populations who failed to act responsibility.  And, as these immigrants migrate to Western Nations; we've quickly learned of their Old Fashioned viewpoints.  But Amazingly, Progressives never condemn it, nor do they attempt to correct these individuals.   
.....In other words, they don't try to give lessons on "Feminism",  "Over-population", and all that Jazz.
So, former Global Alarmists are now teaching migrants that it's okay to produce large families.  And, a foreign woman should remain barefoot & pregnant.   
       (It almost seems as though Zionists are trying to ignite Race Riots.)
      This brings me to one added note:  don't be naive.  We've all heard Conspiracy Theories about the New World Order.   And everyone assumed they were crazy.  ...But, we're now learning that the  Alarmists were correct.    Groups of Social Engineers are plotting to commit mass-genocide.    
    So, please don't underestimate the severity of this problem.

revised feb 2 .